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About Dr. Praful Rawate

Dr. Praful Rawate is an Orthopedic Surgeon in Pune with experience of 6 years . Dr. Praful Rawate practices in West Zone of Pune. He completed MBBS from Government Medical College, Aurangabad Maharashtra in 2006, MS – Orthopaedics from B J Medical College, Pune  and Mch from University of Seychelles, American Institute of Medicine, USA.
His areas of expertise are Orthopedic -Shoulder Surgery,Knee Replacement,Fracture Care,Spine Surgery,Arthroscopy,Joint Replacement,Sports Medicine,Accidents and Emergency Care,Children Fracture,Spine Surgery,Back Pain.

Fellowships / Associations & Award

  • Gerneral secretery of student council in grauation
  • Member of MARD Association
  • Protocol No.- HCR/111/HUMID Co-Principal investigator
  • assistant professor BJ medical



Professional Education

Medical graduation


College- Gov. Medical college Aurangabad.
University- Maharashtra University of Health Sciences,Nashik.
Year- JAN 2007


College- B.J Medical College,Pune.
University- Maharashtra University of Health Sciences,Nashik.
Year-  JULY 2011.


From USA.

Study title-

A Prospective,Ranomized,Multiple-Dose,Multi-Center,Comparative,Parallel Group Clinical Study to Evalute the Efficancy,Safety,Immunogenicity,and Pharmacokinetics of subcutaneous injection of Adalimumab and concomitantly administered with menthotrexate in patient with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Adminisration Service: in B J Medical College

  • Issuing Disability Certificates.
  • Post Graduate Student Teaching.
  • Contribution to planning vision 2020.(Hospital Expansion Plans By year 2020)

Local and National Service

  • Organising comitee member of annual meeting of research society BJMC to BE HELD | N 2020.
  • Worked in Tata center for Reconstruction Procedure in leprosy.
  • In charge of Rheumatology OPD of B.J Medical College and sassion Hospital,Pune.

Research Experience

  • Results of replacement surgery in fracture interochanteric Neck Femur.
  • Pathological fracture through latent unicameral Bone cystof distal femoral shaft in adult-a rare case j dent MED SCI 2015:14(7);44-48.
  • Gaint cell Tumour-Review Article. MED J WEST IND 2015;16+(8);46-51.
  • Isolated sacral tuberculosis in an immunocompetant patientpresenting as a pre sacral mass a rare case.J MED DENT SCI RES 2015;2(15);19-23.

Team Coverage Experience:

  • Managed various polytrauma patients in mass casualties in assosiation with gwneral surgeon and staff members of hospital as asst. professor.
  • Managed patients of bomb blast in german bakery blast in 2008 as a resident with the disaster management team.

 MON : 6:15 PM – 9:00 PM

 TUE   : 5:55 PM – 9:00 PM

WED – FRI :6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

  SAT   :  6:00 PM – 9:05 PM